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Is it mandatory for me to obtain a visa to enter EGYPT?
Visa is mandatory for all UAE citizens with multi nationalities to travel to EGYPT.
Do infants and kids require visa to enter EGYPT?
All infants as well as kids traveling with their UAE Citizen parent will require a visa toenter the EGYPT.
What are the benefits of applying for visa through Al Shaheen Al Arabi Tourism ?
By contacting Al Shaheen Al Arabi Tourism for your visa application needs, you can eliminate the need for a local sponsor in the EGYPT. Minimal documentation quick processing is another of the key highlights. In most case, the visa processing takes only three to four working days.
What are the different types of visa that I can apply for in UAE?
Depending on the duration or number of days you wish to spend in EGYPT,different types of visas include tourist visa, transit visa, and visit visa.
Can anyone apply for Egypt Visa?
Yes Citizens from all Nationalities can apply for the Egypt Visa.
Can I book my ticket before applying for visa?
Yes,you can book your tickets to EGYPT before applying or processing of visa,But for confirming same you can ask to our visa specialists.
How many days will it take to get a visa?
Visa processing usually take 5 to 6 working days. But this largely depends on the prompt submission of required documents as well as the meeting of eligibility norms.
Is it possible for me to track the status of my visa application?
Upon the successful filling out of the visa application form, You can also get in touch with our visa agents to know your visa application status.
Is visa fee refunded in case my application is rejected?
This is not possible, as the immigration authority do not recompense for the rejected visa applications.
Can I know the reason of visa rejection?
The immigration authorities, at most, do not reveal the reasons for the refusal of a visa, but in some cases it may get reason from Immigration.
What is the mode of receiving visa?
Once your visa is processed, it will be stamped on passport
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