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Turkey Tourist Visa: (from embassy for who is not eligible for E-visa, sticker visa is required)

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Who is the Turkey visa from the embassy compulsory for (sticker visa)?
Citizens from the following countries must have a visa sticker in their passport:

Algeria (for those between 18 and 35 years old), Bhutan, Cambodia, Cuba, Guyana, Kiribati, Laos, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Myanmar, Nauru, Nepal, North Korea, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, South Sudan, Syria, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu.
Where do I submit my visa application for a Turkey visa?
Applicants with residence visas issued by the Emirates of Dubai / Sharjah / Ras Al Khaimah / Ajman / Umm Al-Quwain/ Fujairah would need to submit their applications to the Visa Application Centre in Dubai.
Applicants with residence visas issued by Al Ain and Abu Dhabi will have to submit their application at the Visa Application Centre in Abu Dhabi.
What are the requirements for a Turkey visa at the consulate of Dubai (sticker visa)?
1. Application form signed by the applicant.
2. Original Passport with at least 6 months validity from date of travel. Kindly note that for Syrian Nationals; Passports which have validity extended are not accepted.
3. Copy of the passport and Residence permit with at least 6 months validity from date of submission.
4. Entry and exit stamps of all previously obtained Turkey visas, if any.
5. Current biometric photo not more than 6 months old with a white background, in 5x6 size.
6. Round trip flight pre-reservation.
7. Hotel reservation or title deed in case of any property in Turkey.
8. Travel medical insurance covering the duration of the visa.
9. A copy of the birth certificate of minors in English is required.
10. NOC/No objection certificate or salary certificate, addressed to the Embassy, including the employer’s full name, complete address and telephone number, regarding the applicant’s position, income, date of recruitment (trade licence required for business owners)
11. Original personal bank statements for the past 3 months, stamped by the Bank (The Bank Statements should be not older than 10 days at the time of submission of the application in the Visa Application Centre), documents regarding the person's immovable property located in the UAE and Turkey (title deed, tenancy contract, trade licence certificate etc.).
12. A copy of the Tenancy Contract or Title deed. In case the applicant does not have a tenancy contract or is living in a sharing accommodation, a letter of explanation is required.
13. If the applicant has a close relative there (Father/ Mother/ Siblings/ Child/ Spouse) then they must provide an invitation letter with their Turkish ID or Residency copies.

*** Please also note that it is mandatory to submit all the relevant documents in English or Turkish Language only.
How can I apply for a Turkey visa?
You can apply by clicking here if you have all the required documents ready.
How much does a visa to Turkey cost (sticker visa)?
The embassy fee is AED 225 for single entry, AED 450 for double entry and AED 700 for multiple entries.
In addition to an appointment fee of AED 230.
How long will the application process for Turkey visa take?
For Turkey, the processing time may take approximately 7 working days.
However, in certain cases, the processing time may take more time and up to a month.
How well in advance can I apply for a visa to Turkey?
Applicants who are applying at the Turkey visa application center in Abu Dhabi can apply maximum 45 days in advance and those who are applying at the Turkey visa application center in Dubai can apply maximum 60 days in advance for Turkey Visa.
Do I need an appointment?
Yes. The appointment is compulsory for a Turkey sticker visa.
Can I reschedule an appointment?
Yes. You are allowed to reschedule your appointment for a Turkey visa twice and up to 2 working days prior to your scheduled date.
Further changes in date will be considered as a fresh appointment and a new service charge will be applicable.
What is the difference between normal timings and prime timings for Turkey visas?
Normal timings are from 09:00 – 15:00 Sunday to Thursday
Prime timings are from 08:00 – 09:00 and 15:00 – 16:00 (for an additional fee of AED 189 per application)
What is premium service?
Premium service provides the following amenities:
• A dedicated premium service lounge.
• Well-appointed ambience.
• Refreshments.
• Photocopying service for your documents.
• Quicker submission of your application at the Visa Application Centre.
• SMS alert on the status of your application.
• Return delivery of your passport via courier.

Important note: Your visa will be processed and its status decided upon by the Embassy/Consulate of Turkey in UAE. Using the Premium Lounge service does not mean that your visa will be processed faster than the usual turn-around period.
Can someone else submit the application on my behalf for a Turkey visa?
No. The applicant has to visit the application centre in person to submit their application.
Only in case of minors, both parents can submit the application on his/her behalf.
How can I retrieve my passport?
You can collect your passport from the Visa Application Centre where your application was submitted.

Please check the working hours:
09:00 – 17:00 Passport collection only.
What documentation do I need to retrieve my passport?
If you are retrieving your passport in person, you must bring with you:

1. Receipt of payment provided to you by the visa centre when you deposited your application at the Visa Application Centre.
2. Your original National ID card or other official proof of identification containing a photograph.
3. If you are sending a representative to collect your passport then please include all of the above plus an authorization letter from your end authorizing the person to collect the passport on your behalf.
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